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Vajazzling decorating the intimate part of the body

The first Salon specializing in Vajazzling finally, in the Czech Republic!
In the world and especially in the US decorating of women's genitalia is the trend number one. You can try this special service in the first-class beauty Salon KORUNKA in Prague from September. Vajazzling is the process of decorating genitalia, in which following the brazilian waxing we put on the skin with special glue different glitter, crystals and other distinctive ornaments.

Vajazzling zdobení intimních partií těla

Why go bare, when you can have flair.
Ask in the beauty Salon KORUNKA for vajazzling. You will go out with the perfect decoration from our salon, you surprise your partner. Come with us and enjoy life!
Do you know why you have to decorate your lap? No, so read on ...

Vajazzling as an intimate hit.
Brazilian hair removal (brazilian waxing) today is a relatively common process. Apart from the aesthetic point of view it is very practical and hygienic. Likewise, it is quite common that women leave the genitals tattoos or piercings.

The last hit is vajazzling which has in comparison with other methods of decorating several advantages. Firstly, no pain because the glitter and the other frills are applied to the skin with a special glue. You don't have to have anything pierced. At the same time, vajazzling is a relatively inexpensive way how to attractively decorate your intimate body parts.

For whom is Vajazzling suitable?
It is for all the brave women who want an original way to surprise your partner or want to variegate sex life. It can be a gift for birthday, wedding anniversary or acquaintance, for brides and extraordinary moments.

Do men like Vajazzling on women?
Vajazzling is like all body decoration it has it‘s supporters as well as opponents. The interest in vajazzling is still growing, mainly based on the references of various celebrities. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Snooki and Kim Kardashian are proud of examples the sparkle in their panties. We offer Vajazling decoration right now after hair removal sugar paste and so called Brazilian waxing.

How long will last?
Vajazzling lasts about five days and is carried out together with Brazilian waxing, which has a long term effect of about 4 weeks.

How much is it?
The price depends on the type of material used and the intensity of decoration. For more details, see the price list. Vajazzling decoration is necessary apply after hair removal by Brazilian waxing.




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Vajazzling - intimní zdobení těla

Vajazzling (price according to the theme and type of Henna design, Swarowski, Gold) 500 - 2 000,- Kč
Brazilian waxing with sugar paste 790,- Kč





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